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How to find a Godly person?

May 9, 2023


In Today's world, especially in the 21st century, many single ladies and men are wondering how on earth they will ever find a godly person to marry or in a relationship that will lead to marriage. Few people are even worried that there are no godly people in our time to marry. Be assured, there are godly people with exceptional marriageable qualities to spend the rest of your life with. Providence knows what we need to make us grateful, joyful, and focused on our life- spouse.


Where Are The Godly People Hiding?

Good godly men and women are not hiding out. You won’t find a good man or woman where Godlessness exists unless he/she is passionate about explaining an adventure, purpose, agenda, and a set goal for the facilitation of a dream. Godly people are more reserved and thoughtful. They may have certain weaknesses as humans, notwithstanding they are brought up to stand for purpose and stand as the pillar of their marriage and spouse.

It is paramount to note that these godly people we are talking about may have gone through diverse failures, disappointments, hurts, and heartaches because of the decisions they made in the past before learning from experience and errors. There is a need to understand, from this perspective as some may envisage, the word ''godly'' is a trans-cultural word that cuts across other religions and life as a whole so far as we all spend time on this earth.

More so, I urge that this godly person must not be considered religiously, otherwise, our discussion will lose the pivot and positive effect it will have on our journey in finding a godly person which is of ultimate importance.


To be accurate and straightforward on the subject matter, the Greek translation of ''godly'' is theosis (adjective) meaning ''pious and devout''. That means a person who is devoted to certain standards, skills, attributes, and characteristics within the context of a relationship or marriage, etc. It must also be established that a pious person does not necessarily need to carry ''God'' on his head for all people to know this is a godly person, but there is more to the subject than aligning ourselves within the parameter of the said subject religiously. 


A very wonderful woman found a godly man as her driver. With discernment and thorough assessment, they ended up marrying. They have been married for 10 years, had three children, and are still going with grace and love. I must also note that although one can find godly people in different areas of life, it is essential to be prayerful since the ancient adage says '' It is not all that glitters that is gold''.


While on the search to find a godly person if the relationship should progress into the courtship stage dont rush a relationship along by “giving into your emotions”. This may cause heartache and you may regret it later. Slow down...let perspective, focus, patience, tolerance, and purpose take over.

Observe actions and see if they align with words. Even a tendency to use white lies can become an issue. If they repeatedly use them to justify actions you should have an honest conversation about that. Practically, get to know the true character of your friendships before allowing yourself to become emotionally involved with the wrong person. Don’t allow your emotions to lead your friendships but allow them to follow behind. There is no hurry to rush into anything. An experience not to forget, this alone is an acid test. Your heart (metaphorically) wants you to find your life mate but not if it means sacrificing your mind and body in the process. Don’t give any wo / man your mind and body if there

is no commitment for the future, ever! Why on earth would you want to do that?

Always be discerning, learning to be quiet with your emotions is one of the topmost hallmarks, and also be cautious with your emotions. Tolerance is a virtue when looking for a life spouse. Time is the thermometer to test true character, then you can decide the progression of the relationship before you fully commit to saying ''I do'' or marriage.

Come back for part 2 where I will share the things to consider.

Written by Abigail Borquaye @Healing Wings Support.