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Avalanche of Romance and Love making (The undying passion of human nature) Part 1

March 20, 2023


Every man and woman has their own individual unique nature.  To each of them, it is their powerhouse of ecstasy and secret. The distinctive desires of each are satisfied in different styles and manner of approach. There is a need for greater wisdom before one can settle each other. The basic fundamental ecstasy of the woman needs to be understood in various dimensions whether by communication, touching, kissing and even making love is not a one-way approach in the journey of marriage and lovemaking.


Many men miss the mark in dealing with a woman because he keeps making the same error over and over by trying to deal with her as if dealing with his very own gender. Sex was made by our creator to be enjoyable so the man would desire it and again bringing the wife on board for unity in orgasm, and lovemaking. Sex should not be something a man is coerced to engage in and vice versa.

Sex or lovemaking is the most satisfying aspect of a man's life in a relationship (marriage covenant) with a woman: It is also a reason most men can be satisfied with their cheque and sex at home, and not be too concerned with much of anything else.

But, that will not satisfy the needs of a woman nor make her reach an orgasm. In the light of this, when men fail to recognize, understand, or meet the unique needs of a woman, it can cause trouble for her and for him. Procreation may be a manifestation of manliness for some, but it is never an evidence of maturity.

Love is greater than sex. Love-making has evidence and provisions that every man needs to comprehend. Sex is not a part of love when it is an expression of lust. A woman was made to be beautiful with all kinds of shapes, wonderful breasts, and lips to kiss and passionately make love to in the spirit of unity as she reaches her orgasm. It is also of great importance to note that a woman wholeheartedly enjoys her ability to seduce a man and to exercise power over him through her seductive capabilities.

Some men have corrupted the natural beauty of women by looking upon them as an object to be taken or brought in order to satisfy their own lust. Powerful insight.  But it's true. Men must learn to minister (explore the body of their wives) to the woman's unique nature. Both singles and married people need to understand the nature of both sexes, but many do not even recognize their own uniqueness. Men also complain that they do not understand women, but often, they simply do not understand themselves.

A woman's uniqueness is her greatest appeal to a man and his greatest challenge. Let us dive into only one way, channel, and style wo/men can begin to employ for an avalanche of romance and lovemaking in its highest orgasm levels where both partners can love crazy because the language and exploration in the bedroom are sweeter than honey.

There are several of them, but I will only touch on the core point first. Later the other ones will be outlined.

Watch out for part 2

Abigail Borquaye