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Avalanche of Romance and Love making. Part 2

April 24, 2023


All sweet wonderful permanent communication in life must begin with knowing one's communication strength, especially in the area of romance, kissing, foreplay, and lovemaking. What I mean by communication is knowing the speed at which your wife/husband can connect to you. Be honest with one another. To communicate can also mean being naked in words, actions, love languages, and physical touches. Don't try to hide anything from one another. When you empty yourself, both can fill one another with sexual pleasure.


  •    What can I do to raise emotional alerts in my wife/ husband's sexual wires? 
  •   What choice of words can I use to push that sexual passion within him/her? 
  •   What type of sexual touches does she enjoy though not in bed yet? 
  •   Is my wife in her mood swings and if yes, how can I bring her out of that world to my very own place of emotional attachment? 
  •   Is there a need to change my patterns of initiating sex or lovemaking? 
  •  Can I begin to learn to hold hands more often with my wife /husband? 
  •  One must exercise tolerance to allow the emotional sexual tension to build in the other person slowly in heart and mind. 
  •  Never confuse sexual intimacy with routine 
  •  Focus on a more affectionate touch than rushing your wife. 
  •  Then ask again, in what way can I be emotionally vulnerable than just having sex?


Expressions you can use are listed below, though they are not the final say depending on the type of person you have in your life. I have come to study, no woman can ignore the following:

  • Your hair looks great / I love the style of your hair 
  • I love how passionately you kiss 
  • I feel so good when I am with you 
  • I can not wait to be inside of you, I love your sweet body. 


  • I love the shape of your ....... so special and unique, that is why I am so much in love with you, this is the best gift ever. 
  • Your breast is so sweet and more than honey, hmm feed me like a baby and let me also go deeper and deeper into you, by saying this, you create a world where your wife can open her legs for you to thrust into her.
  • I love the way you taste, more than vanilla ice cream (Expand ) ......... (that is knowing the type of ice cream or what she likes, this respect gives her a sense of honor. 
  • Uhhhh, moan it up. As much as you want to make her scream, she will like to hear you say nice things to her
  • You’re so hot in that position. During sex women can spend a whole lot of time ''spectatoring'' and exploring all the parts of the husband looking from a bird-eyes view, focusing on the next move to make the husband thrust into her. Keep the communication going.
  • Kissing: know the speed of one another - either by going slowly until you both begin to climax at a higher speed.


  • Wow, that was beautiful: So simple to say, but goes a long way to encourage another.
  • Thank you: Lovemaking is the most precious gift a woman can give to a man. So say thank you every time. Never forget this.
  • I could just lie here with you forever. 
  • I love it when I am with you. 

In conclusion, later on in our session, I shall talk about the frequency of lovemaking in a relationship,  regular sex prevents adultery. We shall also look into the wedding night, the honeymoon, pleasurable sex, dutiful sex, exciting sex, Orgasm, and common fears about sex.

NB: Try to practice these handy tools in the above and you will see a change in your lovemaking, romance, and foreplay and both will call for love each night.

Written by: Abigail Borquaye @ Healing wings support.