+44 7985 147884 Open: Mon - Sat 8:00am - 8:00pm Online or Face-To-Face therapy at your door
1 How long will the session last?

50m for a single session, an hour for couples, and 1.1/2 for a family session.

2 Can I call if I have questions?

You can have a free 5 min consultation on the phone before booking depending on availability of Counsellor, you can leave a message, we aim to call you back within 48 hours

3 what should I expect in my first session?

1. Your session will begin by gathering information about you, your needs, and what you want to get out of counselling. it's also an opportunity for you to see how counselling works and if you are happy and comfortable working with your Counsellor.

4 Can I have the opportunity to ask further questions?

1. You get undivided attention to what you say as your point of view and concerns. 2. You can talk freely about concerns you may not feel talking about in a group / public platform like sexual abuse, drug usage, etc.

5 What if Icannot express myself and don't know what I really want to achieve?

Our first session focuses on understanding your situation and treating you with respect and compassion. Here to help you with your thoughts, feelings will answer questions confidentially, and will help develop strategies that help you meet your goals

6 How much is counselling?

Depending on what type of therapy you have chosen, the price starts from £80 to £135.00 for family therapy.

7 What If I can not afford to pay?

You may call and ask for support. we are here for you.

8 How does it work?

Working face to face or via video call or telephonic; for example, skype, meet, or whatsapp call.

9 Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, you can self-refer or your organization can refer you.

10 Who will I be seeing?

You will be seeing a qualified and an experienced licensed counselor

11 What else would I expect

Finally, there can be a recommendation of other courses/ hobbies /interactions that can progress in real-time.

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