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Thank you all for allowing and trusting us to be part of your amazing journey. Our greatest joy, is to give our best to our clients and to see them flourish in their relationships. Looking forward for more opportunities in supporting you and your loved ones. May this Year be filled with much happiness.

Healing Wings Support is an organisation that offers relationship counselling and support to families and individuals. We offer our services online and at the following locations Whitton in Middlesex.Our organisation was established by a qualified counselor with extensive experience from working with families for over 15 years. We understand that life can sometimes appear to deal with us unfairly, causing us great pain, and that this pain can feel crippling to the heart.

Our aim is to provide a safe place where individuals can learn to create a family support system, to relieve the extended family as a whole, in order to support each other. We specialise in and are deeply committed to working with individuals, couples and families of all backgrounds in times of crises to help their loved ones. more effectively.

Abigail Borquaye MBACP

Founder & Head Counsellor

Abigail is a registered qualified counsellor and the founder of the Healing Wings Support (HWS). HWS is an organisation offering relationship counselling and support for families, couples and individuals, operating in London, Whitton in Middlesex. She has extensive experience for working as a relationship therapist and with families for years. She also runs a mentoring programme for women and young girls alongside her therapeutic intervention.The mentoring programme is specifically tailored for women, on the subjects of abuse to improve their emotional psychological and physical wellbeing.

She believe, good relationships in the home cut down on depression and exhibits this passion when supporting families to cultivate and restore joy in their relationships through active communication.

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Clients Feedback

We have really enjoyed working with Abigail at Healing Wings Support. The environment is always welcoming and she has shown us compassion and provided the best guidance and solutions to our life issues. Thank you. We look forward to our next sessions with you at HWS.

A and P Luton

I want to take my time to capture my experience of you accurately because you are very skilled and have helped me over the past year, I hope my review will encourage others to come to you for therapy also. Kindest regards.

A.R. Feltham

Hi Abigail , Thank you for seeing us. It was helpful experience, one which we think most useful when sought for, as early as possible. Your session allowed us to understand each other without the pressure of rear of mis-communication and misunderstanding. Thank You.

D and E East London


    Most frequent questions and answers

    50m for a single session, an hour for couples and 1.1/2 for a family session.

    You can have a free 5 min consultation on the phone before booking. 
    Your session will begin by gathering information about you, your needs and what you want to get out of counseling. it’s also an opportunity for you to see how counselling works and if you are happy and comfortable to work with your counsellor. 
     Will ask you about your current physical and emotional health and may give you a questionnaire about what you have been experiencing far in life.
    Questions are encouraged to give you peace of mind.
    You get undivided attention to what you say as your point of view and concerns.
     You can talk freely about concerns you may not feel talking in a group / public platform like sexual abuse, drug usage etc.

    Our first session focuses on understanding your situation and treating you with respect and compassion. Here to help you with your thoughts, feelings  
    will answer questions confidentially, and will help develop strategies that help you meet your goals and discover a healthier life.

    Depending on what type of therapy you have chosen, the price starts from £60  to  £135.00 for family therapy.

    You may call and ask for support. we are here for you.

    Working face to face or video call. Example skype, meet  or whatsapp call. 

    No you can self refer or your organisation can refer you. 

    You will be seeing a qualified and an experienced licensed counsellor 

    Finally, there can be a recommendation of other courses/ hobbies /interactions and can progress in real time.