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Am I making the right choice for my relationship? Part One

March 20, 2023


When one is in love the decision-making power of the mind drops down due to Dopamine and Estrogen. The rules of making the right choice for one’s partner will be unclear to follow. Not only in a relationship or other situation, never take a decision when you are very worried or happy. Faced with too much input the brain functions like an overloaded circuit. Anyone who has tried to make a decision or choice either single-handedly or with a partner can attest to the fact that it is never easy. Especially when you are single, your choices are your own; they only require personal buy-in and specifically they have little effect on others. While in a relationship, the choices we make will show whether we are going to be in love forever or not.


For example, throughout Jack Jones' life, he struggled with one thing ''indecision or indecisiveness''. There are a variety of different influences that make us all weak to this pretty tough personality trait, but one of the main reasons is we all have a fear of making the ''wrong'' choices or changing in the ''wrong ways''. But recently I came across a quote that said, ''Every choice comes with consequences. Once you make a choice, you must accept responsibility. You cannot escape the consequence of your choices, whether you like them or not'' - Roy T. Bennett. The Macmillan dictionary defines ''choice'' as the thing that you choose when you do not have any limits. 


The above suggestions will bring us all to a place of thoroughly considering our decisions carefully, microscopically, before committing ourselves absolutely to a relationship. Your today's choice is your future or destination. Do not get it twisted, because live in a very sensual society. On a daily basis, people make decisions thinking only of what will gratify their physical appetite. So many of the choices that are made never look beyond the here and now. We have raised a generation that has adopted the mindset that ''it feels good, why not do it''. Many times over, life choices are made with the physical body rather than the intellectual mind.

There has been a massive error in our value system. A swamp of bad decision makers are in our family and social systems trying to dumb down the minds of men and women by convincing them that what they do today, and the choices they make today have no effect on their tomorrow. These are brainwashing agents we have so much accepted or approved. I am not a negative counselor and I didn’t come to judge you either but I would be a fool, and less than your friend if I tried to convince you that the decisions you make today do not affect your tomorrow. There may be some here today who are feeling the effects of choices that others made.


Indeed please understand that Life is filled with decisions. Every moment we are making different choices. For instance, you wore a dress to work one day. Then, you step outside and it’s freezing out. You know you made the wrong decision. But in a relationship, it goes far beyond that. This is because the soul ( the WILL, MIND, EMOTION) is involved which makes your choices complicated and difficult to discern. Below are telltale signs to know if you are making the right choice for your relationship (that you have chosen the right path).


Watch out for the concluding part.

Written by Abigail Borquaye @ Healing wings support.