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Why collaboration is good?

May 9, 2023

It is a bit worrying and disturbing how many people in the name of religion, trivialise the importance of a healthy marriage in society. We are quick to call lawyers, doctors, and nurses, to support us deal with personal issues,  why not marriages?  


The truth remains: Marriage is categorized into three (3) folds:  

 1. A HEALTHY MARRIAGE: This type of marriage is made up of two separate individuals who have resolved to stand firm in challenges, difficulties, or hardships to make the marriage work. 


 2. THE STRUGGLING MARRIAGE: This is a marriage that needs support in dealing with conflicts. ( It can be salvaged ) 


 3. THE PROBLEM   MARRIAGE: This type of marriage has foundational issues that require exploring. 


Nuggets to ruminate:

Fornication, adultery, divorce, and abuse are rising in the church and religious settings. This is due to the fact that they are denying the work and truth about the usefulness of marriage counsellors in these settings. 


Just as it isn't anybody who can be a politician, engineer, teacher, or pilot, in that same vain, we need to admit some people have been trained to deal with marriage and relationship challenges. 


Until we can come to recognise this truth, the church at large shall go through pseudo-individuals who are not well equipped to meet these demands or needs. 



Luxury Bruce will never confide in a church Counsellor about his micro penis and the impact on his marriage nor Glorious Grace's heartbreak upon hearing the engagement of a leader to another girl. Though he promised to marry her after he encouraged her to abort their baby. 


This emotional pain is not something one ignores and it needs professional intervention. 


Our religious institution HAS TO START COLLABORATING With professionals in dealing with issues of the heart. Referring congregants to counsellors outside of their institutions, working for the greater goal of the society and families as a whole. Just like a  doctor refers you to a specialist.


This way people can be supported more effectively without the fear of others close to them knowing their challenges. 


Personal note: MARRIAGE works. It is the only institution that solidified our emotional stability and promotes social benefits that are Undeniable. 

Stay well and never struggle alone.

By Abigail Borquaye @ Healing Wings Support.