This is what a few clients say about counselling. Due to confidentiality full names are not published. Hope you understand

‘Initially I was very nervous about seeking counselling due to the stigma attached to it especially within the black community. I decided to give it a try and had one session. I was quite impressed with the potential and support that I could get which I really needed just from our first session. I am seeking counselling for relationship issues. Abigail is an amazing Lady, patient, flexible, kind and very helpful. I couldn’t recommend Abigail more!’


Abigail was an immense help in helping me get hold of my feelings and make sure I am more in control of them. She also helped me realise that separating actions from people makes life easier for me, so I can let go of the negativity, guilt and judgment more easily.

Thank you, I really enjoyed the sessions, which made me think about a lot of things differently and would highly recommend!

Regards BF Uxbridgre

‘Went to see Abigail in my time in need and she was more than helpful. I struggle from time to time with anxiety and panics and she taught me how to combat negative thoughts and how to deal with my heightened anxiety on a daily basis. She automatically made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable talking to her about anything. She is very understanding yet professional and exactly what you need when you don’t feel yourself! I would definitely recommend meeting with Abigail.’

LW : Hounslow

I want to take my time to capture my experience of you accurately because you are very skilled and have helped me over the past year, I hope my review will encourage others to come to you for therapy also.

Kindest regards,

A .R Feltham

I wasn’t sure what to expect on our first couples sessions with Healing Wings Support, as I had never experienced couples counselling I was apprehensive as to how the sessions would go.

From the moment I walked in I felt completely at ease the relaxed atmosphere and the warm welcome we received helped calm my initial nerves, we were also asked what we both wanted to achieve from the sessions and what brought us here. The first session went well it got us both talking and thinking, as the conversation was guided by our counsellor it allowed us to really listen to the other person. Following our first session we decided to continue as we felt it created a safe, open environment in which we could air our thoughts and feelings.

Many Thanks

N and K London

Dear All

After I had retired I was still having problems which could no longer be put down to the stress of work. I went to Abigal because I was suffering from very low self esteem, didn’t now how I could survive to be around for my grand children and believed I was a failure and not really loved.

This was despite having battled dyslexia, got to a position of being a highly successful and respected teacher. My family and friends believed I was intelligent had done better than most.

However it took time to overcome my early problems and my parents had two younger children who had no problems with gaining good grades at school and having much better paid careers than mine. This meant I for many years I was regarded as the problem child. Although I managed to get closure from my Father before he died I could not get that from my mother.

After the sessions with Abigail she helped to overcome my problems and also helped me through the trauma of having my little brother dying of cancer.

I now feel confident and am looking forward to whatever the future holds!

I am very glad I went to see her and recommend her highly

L. O / Uxbridge  

Hi Abigail ,

Thank you for seeing us. It was helpful experience, one which we think most useful when sought for, as early as possible. Your session allowed us to understand each other without the pressure of rear of mis-communication and misunderstanding.

Thank You.

D and E  / East London

We have really enjoyed working with Abigail at Healing Wings Support. The environment is always welcoming and she has shown us compassion and provided the best guidance and solutions to our life issues. Thank you. We look forward to our next sessions with you at HWS.

A and P. Luton